Monday, May 21, 2012

HappiiBirthday my HandsOme MissiOnary :::)

Man OH man. I hOpe you read this when yOur somewhat normal&&out of the Missionary weeirrdness. . . otherwise yOur just gOnna thinkk im a wackiidee wack. . ..

         HAPPY 2Oth Colten Len!!! I.LOVE.YOU.

can we get a pet Duckii?! ooOwahh.

I cant wait tOO play "save the dead"  in yOur swimmin' pOol again!!!

Can we be like this when were married?? Mostly MariO. . .:::)

I cant wait toO kiss yOu anytime i want. . . 

I cant wait tOo ride classy with you.

i cant wait till your hOlding me in your arms again in the swimmin' pOol. Can i be yOur mermaid FOREVER???

I wanna gO too LOndon with you. ..



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